Strength for success

Warm soils and climates

Handpicked grapes

Powerful color

Taste of chocolate and black fruits

Vranec World Day » About VRANEC

The word Vranec means strong black and powerful horse (black stallion) and wine made from this variety of grape is associated with strength, potency, and success.

Vran also means raven colored or black, that’s why red wine is also known as black wine in the Balkans.

Originally VranAc (pronounced [ʋrǎːnats]), Montenegrin and Serbian Cyrillic: ВранAц) is a variety of red grapes indigenous for Montenegro.

In Republic of North Macedonia this variety is known as VranEc (pronounced [ʋrǎːnets]), Macedonian Cyrillic: ВранEц).

It is a cross of Tribidrag grape variety (a.k.a. Primitivo, Kratošija or Zinfandel) and another grape variety called Duljenga originating from Montenegro as well.

Although widely spread all over the Balkans, it is believed to have found its second home in North Macedonia, where it is considered as one of the most important varieties and represent a flag bearer in the country's quest for international recognition.

Plantations of Vranec