Strength for success

Warm soils and climates

Handpicked grapes

Powerful color

Taste of chocolate and black fruits



Vranac, Vranac crmnichki, Vranac prhljavac
Vranec (MKD)
Pronounced as vr net’s


Montenegro, natural crossbreeding or as a result of spontaneous mutations
Black Sea Group (Convarietas Pontica)
Balkan Subgroup (Subconvarietas Balcanica)

The word VRANEC means strong black and powerful horse (black stallion), and wine made from this variety of grape is associated with strength, potency, and success. Vran also means raven colored or black, that’s why red wine is also known as black wine in the Balkans.

VRANEC Hand Harvesting

Ampelographic Characteristics:

  • Grape: medium to large, cylindrical and wide base
  • Berry: medium, round and extended
  • Skin: medium, dark blue, enriched

Maturity: 2nd Half September

VRANEC WARM climates

Agrobiogical characteristic:

  • It is medium resistant on downy mildew and powdery mildew and on gray rot is very sensitive in the time of ripening during wet conditions.
  • The best results are gained in the average fertile, flooded, good drained soils with southern exposition.
  • Vranec is a variety of warm climates and it is not recommended for cooler regions.
  • The variety of Vranec is one of the most sensitive varieties on winter frost. The buds freeze from - 12оC to - 14оC.

Clonal selection

VRANECPowerful color

Grape characteristic:

  • Sugar Content: 200-240 g/l
  • Acid Content: 6-7 g/l

The wine made from Vranec has deep purple color, intense aromas of black ripe fruits. On palate is full bodied with ripe and rounded tannins, opulent flavours and long bramble finish.

The high content of the total number of anthocyanin: >500mg/l is the main characteristic of this variety of wines, which makes them unique.

VRANECTaste of Chocolate and black fruits

Grape characteristic:

Young Vranec:
Color: bright purple hue.
Aroma: strawberry jam, forest fruit and berry.
Taste: The firm tannin structure supports a remarkable crispness.

After Aging:
Color: Intense dark ruby.
Aroma: chocolate, cinnamon, black fruits, herbs and oak.
Taste: Subtle, round and full.
Finish: long lasting and lingering.

Vranec is very favorable for ageing and blends well with other grape varieties, often producing well-balanced wines when blended with Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.