Vranec World Day | 5th October

Vranec World Day aims to permanently establish and strengthen the position of wines from
all over the region, through promotion of the most important regional indigenous variety VRANAC/VRANEC.

The goal of this event is to highlight the importance of the local varieties, to support
the efforts of local wineries in preserving it’s wine identity and to enhance customer awareness
about wines from Macedonia and the Balkans.

Vranec World Day will also increase the recognition of Macedonia and the Balkan as a region on international level.

It's bold, it's fruity, it's full-bodied. You know it well. Celebrating 5 years of Vranec World Day

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Vranec has become Macedonia’s most planted grape variety and therefore found its home in the land of eternal sun. Vranec is not easy. It takes some time to appreciate its uniqueness. But when you have a sip of it, you are hooked for life. It's a truth as old as wine itself.

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